Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Azpects EASYJoint

Azpects EASYJoint 

Rain or Shine it goes in fine! 

EASYJoint is a well-proven premium product that’s been refined over many years to make it the brilliant ‘all weather paving jointing compound’ that it is today. 

So what are the benefits of EASYJoint:

• Available in a great colour range: Mushroom, Buff, Stone Grey, Basalt and Jet Black
• Aesthetically pleasing finish
• Available to buy in either 12.5kg tubs or a NEW 7kg ‘grab and go’ handy pack
• Easy and fast to use for both DIY and Professional use
• Uses a brush & wash-in system
• No kneeling required to apply – so kinder to your back and knees
• Can be used in gaps from 3mm wide and 25mm deep
• Can be used in all weathers and cures to create a very strong joint
• Good adhesion to all surfaces
• Water permeable for good drainage
• Good compressive and flexural properties
• Can take vehicle loads of up to 3 tonnes so is great for Driveways as well as Patio and Paving areas
• No waste as any unused product can be saved for future use
• An environmentally friendly product; cement and resin-free
• Made in the UK

For more information on EJ and our full range of easy-to-use products including paving sealants go to our main website: www.azpects.co.uk