Wednesday, 26 August 2015

EASYSeal Ultimate Staining Performance Test

EASYSeal Ultimate, the clue is in the name. This is our best water based sealer for natural stone and concrete paving, see it in action now!

Here are the results from recent stain tests.
Tests carried out on Sandstone (section of the paving shown below)

Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Stage 4
Stage 1: The right hand side of the stone was treated with two coats of EASYSeal Ultimate and left to dry.
Stage 2: After a couple of weeks a variety of food solids and liquids were added and a photo taken minutes after they were applied.
Stage 3: About an hour later the food solids and liquids were mopped up with absorbent kitchen roll paper. You will notice that many of the substances have been absorbed into the stone on the untreated side.
Stage 4: The stone was then washed with ordinary washing up detergent and warm water. Both sides were
gently agitated with a nail brush and rinsed. The photo shows the stone dry. The treated surface is almost
completely clean whilst the untreated surface has been noticeably stained.

EASYSeal Ultimate currently comes in a 1 litre bottle of concentrate which can make up to 8 litres covering upto 48 metres squared of paving.

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