Wednesday, 30 September 2015

The new Azpects YouTube Channel - Check it out and subscribe!

Azpects on YouTube

Azpects are proud to launch our new YouTube channel with three brand new EASYJoint videos, we hope you like them!

I'm sure you've seen the old EASYJoint video which whilst informative is starting to show it's age.

Whether it's fresh new graphics, better wording, modern filming techniques or new fangled technology like 'HD'; we have been working hard to refresh our video content and we hope you appreciate the results! 

Have a watch and let us know what you think, we are aiming to offer more video content in the future months so watch this space.

Azpects EASYJoint videos for 2015

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Monday, 21 September 2015

What's new for this year?

here's a closer look at our new products for 2015

EASY DriveFix+
EASY DriveFix+The all weather easy-to-use modified bitumen pot hole and road repair system
(Part of the new EASYRepair range)

Ideal for potholes and utility reinstatements, EASY DriveFix+ is a truly "all weather" repair system.

EASYSeal Slate & LimestoneEASYSeal Slate & Limestone
A Sealer & Colour Enhancer formulated especially for denser stone, such as slate and limestone.

Enriches and stabilises colour especially black, does not form a 'skin' on the surface, delivers good levels of protection from oil and stain substances, allows the stone to breathe, improves slip resistance and helps to keep algae away.

EASYSeal Water Defence

EASYSeal Water Defence
Increases the thermal qualities of your home

A high performance water repellent for all porous building materials. The product can be applied to already damp surfaces which will then, over time dry out, as the coating allows water to escape out and not penetrate in. EASYSeal Water Defence uses technology which is proven to increase Thermal Efficiency, so reducing heating bills.

EASY Masonry Revive

EASY Masonry Revive
Cleans all Porous Stone & Concrete

An Excellent rejuvenator for heavily soiled paving, brickwork and masonry.
(Part of the EASYCare range)

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Friday, 11 September 2015

The EASYCare range is a year old!

here is a reminder of the products in the range and what they do

The EASYCare range launch at Glee 2014 (September)
Algae Remover - The EASY solution to remove Algae, Mould and light infestations of Lichen.
Black Spot Remover - Designed to remove stubborn areas of Lichen and Algae from paving & driveways.
Efflorescence Destroyer - Removes and neutralises white salt stains (efflorescence).
Grease & Oil Away - Solution to remove unsightly oil and grease stains from drives, patios and decking.
Grime Buster - A versatile general purpose cleaner ideal for cleaning smooth surfaces.
Mortar Stain Remover - A fast acting powerful ECOLOGICAL cleaner to remove mortar stains
Patio & Deck Cleaner - Removes heavy build-up of the most stubborn dirt and grime from paving
Masonry Revive - 
Cleans all Porous Stone & Concrete

Sealer Remover - The EASY way to remove old sealers and protectors from paving and driveways.

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