Friday, 22 May 2015

May Showers

Did you know there has been double the average rainfall for May in 2015? 

Of course that's no problem for EASYJoint, in fact the wetter the better. We positively encourage our wet application method; in our new videos coming soon! Our new videos will show how much we recommend saturate the paving.

Soak the Paving
A sneak peak from one of our new videos
There are two reasons for this,

• The water aids the flow of the compound into the joints, making it more workable, speeding up the process and aiding the self compaction by flushing the compound right to the bottom.

• The water acts as a barrier from the natural oils and hardeners within the EASYJoint, minimising oil residue on the paving surface.

EASYJoint top tip
Did you know, if you have left over compound, you can place it back into the tub, cover it with water, reseal the tub and use it for a later job?

Here's our link to applying EASYJoint using the recommended wet application method

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